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Insecticide Maison Long Shelf Life For 100% Salad Flavor Enhance Taste Sandalwood Aroma Fragrance & Flavor

Insecticide Maison Long Shelf Life For 100% Salad Flavor Enhance Taste Sandalwood Aroma Fragrance & Flavor

  • Shelf Life
  • Application
    0.002Pa At 25℃
  • Refractive Index
    1.4343 +/- 0.005 (at 20°C)
  • Taste
  • Density
    0.872g/mLat 20°C(lit.)
  • Purpose
    Enhance Flavor
  • Package
    500ml/ 1KG/ 5KG/ 10KG/ 25KG/ 180KG
  • Odor
    Has A Natural Sandalwood-like Aroma
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    No minimum order quantity
  • Price
    Any quantity can be ordered according to customer needs
  • Packaging Details
    1kg/foil bag,5kg/foil bag,10kg/foil bag,25kg/drum,180kg/barrel
  • Delivery Time
    2-3 woring days
  • Payment Terms
    D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C,Paypal,Alibaba pay...
  • Supply Ability
    20000 kilograms /month

Insecticide Maison Long Shelf Life For 100% Salad Flavor Enhance Taste Sandalwood Aroma Fragrance & Flavor

Insecticide Maison Long Shelf Life For 100% Salad Flavor Enhance Taste Sandalwood Aroma Fragrance & Flavor 0

Product Description:

Introducing our top-tier Food Grade Synthetic Flavor, the Limette Flavor, designated with the Product Code 85234, which is meticulously engineered to infuse your culinary creations with a Smell Fragrance that is powerfully Strong. This product stands out in the realm of artificial flavorings due to its exceptional purity and intensity, manifesting a Taste profile that is unmistakably Artificial, ensuring that your food products deliver a consistent and delightful taste experience with each and every bite.

Our Synthetic Flavor is perfectly suited for a wide array of applications, particularly where precision is paramount. With an Application concentration of 0.002Pa at 25℃, this flavoring agent is optimized for easy integration into various food matrices, allowing for flawless dispersion and blendability. Whether you are a professional chef, a food manufacturer, or an enthusiast seeking to enhance your recipes, this Limette Flavor will elevate your products to new heights of deliciousness.

One of the most distinctive features of our Synthetic Flavor is its compatibility with a multitude of flavor profiles. As such, it harmoniously complements the nuances of Purple Potato Flavor, enriching it with a citrusy zest that can transform ordinary dishes into exotic delicacies. The Purple Grape Flavor also benefits from the Limette Flavor's robust character, creating a symphony of tastes that is both refreshing and indulgent. Moreover, the Sesame Flavor, known for its rich and nutty essence, is impeccably accentuated by the zingy edge of our Limette Flavor, offering an unparalleled sensory journey.

The versatility of this product is unmatched, serving as an ideal choice for a variety of food applications. From beverages to confectioneries, from savory snacks to dairy products, and from baked goods to culinary sauces, the Limette Flavor is a reliable and efficient solution to achieve the desired flavor intensity and quality. Its strong Smell Fragrance ensures a lasting impression, leaving consumers with a memorable flavor that lingers on the palate.

Safety and quality are at the forefront of our production process. Our Food Grade Synthetic Flavor is crafted in accordance with the highest industry standards, ensuring that it is not only effective but also safe for consumption. Each batch is rigorously tested to meet regulatory requirements, providing our customers with peace of mind and confidence in their use of our product.

Ease of use is another key attribute of our Limette Flavor. The product is designed for hassle-free measurement and incorporation into recipes, allowing for consistent dosing and reproducibility in flavor. This means that whether you're producing on a small scale or a large one, our Synthetic Flavor will seamlessly integrate into your production process without altering the desired outcome of your final product.

In conclusion, our Food Grade Synthetic Flavor with the Product Code 85234 exemplifies the pinnacle of flavor enhancement. Its Strong Smell Fragrance and Artificial Taste are engineered to complement and elevate a variety of flavor profiles, including Purple Potato Flavor, Purple Grape Flavor, and Sesame Flavor. With an Application concentration that ensures perfect integration into an assortment of food products, this Limette Flavor is the ultimate choice for those seeking to impress with their culinary creations. Embrace the transformative power of our Synthetic Flavor and watch as your dishes captivate and delight the senses of all who partake.



  • Product Name: Synthetic Flavor
  • Refractive Index: 1.4343 +/- 0.005 (at 20°C)
  • Product Code: 85234
  • Smell Fragrance: Mixed Fruit Flavor, Sesame Flavor, Purple Potato Flavor
  • Refractive Index: 1.5030~1.5080
  • Purity: 99.2%
  • Application: 0.002Pa At 25℃

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Refractive Index 1.5030~1.5080
Purpose Enhance Flavor
Product Code 85234 Smell Fragrance
Taste Artificial
Odor Has A Natural Sandalwood-like Aroma
Key Words Food Grade, Limette Flavor, Mixed Fruit Flavor (Enhanced), Shelled Rice Flavor, Coconut Oil Flavor
Density 0.872g/mL at 20°C (lit.)
Application 0.002Pa At 25℃
Smell Strong
Names Zingerone


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Insecticide Maison Long Shelf Life For 100% Salad Flavor Enhance Taste Sandalwood Aroma Fragrance & Flavor 1


The BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 model of synthetic flavoring is a versatile and high-quality product designed for a myriad of applications within the food and beverage industry. Originating from China, this product boasts a precise density of 0.872g/mL at 20°C (lit.), ensuring a consistent performance in a variety of culinary scenarios. With its food grade quality, the BAISFU synthetic flavor is not only safe for consumption but also meets the high standards expected in the industry.

One of the most significant attributes of the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 is its refractive index, which is meticulously calibrated at 1.4343 +/- 0.005 (at 20°C), aligning with the product's refractive index range of 1.5030~1.5080. This attention to detail guarantees that the flavor's intensity and purity remain intact, enhancing the overall sensory experience of the final product.

With the inclusion of the Sydney Flavor, this synthetic flavoring is perfect for creating confectioneries and desserts that cater to the Australian palate, invoking the vibrant and cosmopolitan essence of Sydney. The Cherry Oil Flavor component lends a rich and fruity depth to baked goods, dairy products, and beverages, offering a classic taste that is beloved worldwide. Additionally, the Mixed Fruit Flavor (Enhanced) extends the product's versatility, allowing food manufacturers to infuse an exotic and tantalizing medley of fruit flavors into their offerings, perfect for fruit snacks, jellies, and ice creams.

The BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 can be used in various scenarios, such as in the formulation of soft drinks and cocktails where the Limette Flavor accentuates a fresh and zesty profile, ideal for summer refreshments and trendy bar concoctions. In the baking industry, it can add a nuanced complexity to cakes and pastries, making it a staple for pastry chefs seeking to innovate with new flavor combinations. The flavor's stability under heat also makes it an excellent choice for culinary applications that require cooking or baking.

The applications for BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 extend beyond just taste enhancement. It can also be used in nutritional supplements and health products where food-grade flavoring is essential to make the products more palatable. In the rapidly growing market of plant-based and alternative protein products, the BSFFlavors1217 can mask undesirable notes and add a pleasing taste profile to attract a wider range of consumers.

In summary, the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavor product is an indispensable tool for food technologists, flavorists, and culinary professionals looking to create high-quality, flavorful products that resonate with consumers both in Sydney and worldwide. Its consistent quality, food-grade safety, and versatile flavor profile make it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of food and beverage applications.



Brand Name: BAISFU

Model Number: BSFFlavors1217

Place of Origin: China

Purpose: Enhance Flavor

Refractive Index: 1.4343 +/- 0.005 (at 20°C)

Purity: 99.2%

Application: 0.002Pa At 25℃

Names: Zingerone

Experience the tantalizing taste of our Cherry Flavor , crafted to perfection by BAISFU. Our advanced product, BSFFlavors1217, is designed to elevate your culinary creations with its pure, high-quality essence.

Indulge in the exotic touch of the tropics with our Coconut Oil Flavor . Made with precision and a commitment to purity, this flavor offers an authentic and rich experience that is sure to delight your senses.

Discover the unique and aromatic Perilla Flavor , a masterpiece of flavor enhancement originating from China. This product provides a distinct and memorable note to any dish, ensuring a gourmet experience in every bite.


Support and Services:

Our Synthetic Flavor products come with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure you achieve the best possible results in your applications. We provide detailed product documentation, including specifications, safety data sheets, and usage guidelines to help you understand and handle our flavors safely and effectively. Our team of flavor experts is available to assist with any technical inquiries and provide guidance on formulation, compatibility, and performance within your specific processes.

Additionally, we offer custom flavor development services to create unique profiles tailored to your products. We work closely with your team to understand your needs and preferences, and our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to produce small-scale samples for testing and approval. Our commitment to quality means that we continually test and refine our flavors to meet the highest industry standards.

For ongoing support, we provide troubleshooting assistance to help you resolve any issues that may arise during the use of our Synthetic Flavor products. Our proactive approach includes regular updates on new developments and trends in flavor technology that could benefit your business. We strive to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients, ensuring that you receive the service and expertise you need to succeed.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Name: Premium Synthetic Vanilla Flavor

Net Weight: 500ml

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Artificial Flavoring Substances, Water

Packaging: The product is contained in a food-grade amber glass bottle to ensure freshness and prevent degradation from light. The bottle is sealed with a tamper-evident cap for safety and quality assurance.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Ensure the cap is tightly closed after use to maintain product integrity.

Handling Instructions: Handle with care. Do not use if the seal is broken or missing. Follow standard kitchen safety protocols while using this flavoring agent.

Shipping Information:

We ship our Premium Synthetic Vanilla Flavor in secure, padded packaging to minimize movement and prevent breakage during transit. Each bottle is individually boxed and then placed in a larger carton with sufficient cushioning material.

Shipping Method: Standard ground shipping. Expedited shipping options are available at an additional cost.

Estimated Delivery Time: 5-7 business days for standard shipping within the contiguous United States. International shipping times may vary.

Tracking: Each order is provided with a tracking number, which will be sent to you via email once your order has been dispatched.

Note: Please inspect your package upon arrival and report any damage to the carrier immediately. For any quality concerns or shipping issues, please contact our customer service team promptly.



Q1: What types of synthetic flavors does the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 product line offer?

A1: The BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 product line offers a wide range of synthetic flavors, including but not limited to fruit, mint, spice, and exotic flavors. Each is designed to provide a consistent and high-quality taste profile for various applications in food and beverages.

Q2: Can BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavors be used in both hot and cold applications?

A2: Yes, BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavors are versatile and can be used in both hot and cold applications. They are formulated to maintain their integrity and flavor profile under various temperature conditions.

Q3: Are the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavors suitable for vegan and vegetarian products?

A3: Many of the synthetic flavors in the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 range are suitable for vegan and vegetarian products. However, we recommend checking the specific flavor's ingredient list or contacting customer service for confirmation on a particular flavor's suitability.

Q4: How should BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavors be stored to maintain their quality?

A4: To maintain the quality of BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavors, they should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odors. They should also be kept in their original sealed containers until ready for use.

Q5: Are the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 synthetic flavors gluten-free?

A5: Many of the flavors in the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 product line are gluten-free. However, for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies, it is important to read the label for specific gluten-related information or contact customer support for detailed ingredient information.