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98% Pure Concentrated Plant Extract Powder White Skin Tone Powder For Moisturizing

98% Pure Concentrated Plant Extract Powder White Skin Tone Powder For Moisturizing

  • High Light

    98% plant extract powder


    Concentrated plant extract powder


    skin tone powder For Moisturizing

  • Fusing Point
    ~ 280
  • Specific Rotation
    D20 + 140 ° (c = 1.0 Inmethanol)
  • Boiling Point
    381.5 + / - 35.0 ° C (Predicted)
  • Density
  • Storage Condition
  • Solubility
  • Form
  • Acidity Coefficient (pKa)
    3.14 + / - 0.20 (Predicted)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    1-10kg double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag outside, and finally carton 10-20kg double plastic bag inside, carton outside > 25kg inside double plastic bags, outside fiber drum net weight :25kgs/ barrel Gross weight :28kgs/ barrel barrel Size and
  • Delivery Time
    7-8 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    20,000 kilos a month

98% Pure Concentrated Plant Extract Powder White Skin Tone Powder For Moisturizing

98% Pure Concentrated Plant Extract White Powder Improve Skin Tone For Moisturizing And Repairing


Product overview

Ecdoine is also called tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid. Ectoin makes halophile bacteria free from harm, it has two major functions: 1) moisturizing: it is an important substance to maintain osmotic pressure balance, its unique molecular structure has a strong water Chemicalbook molecular complexation ability, can make the free water structure, is a very excellent natural moisturizer. 2) Repair: Ecdoin can fight against UV damage to the skin and repair DNA damage caused by UV.

Product source

98% Pure Concentrated Plant Extract Powder White Skin Tone Powder For Moisturizing 0

Net weight 1kg
specification 98
Processing customization is
Import or not no
Extraction source Ecdoine
Free or not is
place of origin China
package Standard packing
Shelf life 24 months
Place of dispatch Shaanxi (Province)
character powder
colour white
use Ask customer service

Ectoine, with the formula 2-methyl-1,4,5,6, -tetrahydropyrimidine-4-carboxylic acid, also known as tetrahydropyrimidine, is a new amino acid derivative of a water-soluble zwitterion discovered in 1985. In 1985, GaliChemicalbooknski was the first to identify and isolate ectoine in halophilic bacteria by NMR and MS. At high salt concentrations, Ectoine accumulates in large quantities in some halophilic bacteria as a permeable compensation solute to resist changes in the high osmotic pressure of the external environment.

98% Pure Concentrated Plant Extract Powder White Skin Tone Powder For Moisturizing 1

Effects and effects Ecdoine is a natural and effective cosmetic active ingredient. Because it has a wide range of protective functions, it can be applied in a variety of cosmetics with different functions. Ectoine has the functions of moisturizing, protecting against light aging and sun protection. Good moisturizing properties pretreat skin with ectodoine, which can reduce skin damage caused by dehydration; One molecule of Ectoine can complex four or five water molecules, which can structure the free water inside. Compared with glycerin, ecdoine is more moisturizing to the skin. Relevant data show that during the application of Ectoine, the skin moisture retention ability can continue to improve, and the skin water retention ability will not immediately decline after stopping, and the skin water retention ability is higher than that of the control group after stopping for a week. Clinical trials have shown that ecdoine has the ability to prevent the decline of cellular capacity with increasing age. The experimental data showed that the combination of 0.1mMEctoine, 0.5mM malthione and 1.5mM mannitol mixed Chemicalbook could reduce the human glia and reduce the stress intensity at 400-800nm light source, thus reducing the damage of light to the skin. The Langerhans in the epidermis of the immune system plays a key role in the skin system, but it is sensitive to UV rays and Ectoine is able to prevent the Langerhans from being reduced due to this, so that the skin system can maintain normal functioning. The aging of the skin is not only the result of the passage of time, one of the important external factors is ultraviolet light, especially in the entire ultraviolet band, UVA wavelength is the longest and energy is the lowest, but unlike UVB, the change of UVA content in the sun is little affected by latitude, time period, weather and season. Therefore, the daily and annual dose of UVA exposure is almost fixed, and it accumulates in large quantities throughout our lives.