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98% Pure Plant Extract Hesperidin Powder CAS 520-33-2 Powder For Agriculture

98% Pure Plant Extract Hesperidin Powder CAS 520-33-2 Powder For Agriculture

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    98% Pure Plant Extract


    Pure Plant Extract CAS 520-33-2


    hesperidin powder For Agriculture

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    1-10kg double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag outside, and finally carton 10-20kg double plastic bag inside, carton outside > 25kg inside double plastic bags, outside fiber drum net weight :25kgs/ barrel Gross weight :28kgs/ barrel barrel Size and
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    7-8 days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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    20,000 kilos a month

98% Pure Plant Extract Hesperidin Powder CAS 520-33-2 Powder For Agriculture

Hesperidin 98% Citrus Fruit Extract Free Sample Of Sweet Orange Extract Hesperidin
Pure Plant Extract 98% Hesperidin CAS:520-33-2 Powder For Agriculture And Food Flavors
Hesperetin (Hesperetin) is a kind of natural flavonoid, widely present in fruits, flowers, food and other plant source substances. Its Chemicalbook is mainly derived from Hesperidin hydrolysis, has biological and pharmacological activities, and is widely used in organic chemistry. Agriculture, food and other fields.
Industrial production method

98% Pure Plant Extract Hesperidin Powder CAS 520-33-2 Powder For Agriculture 0

Net weight1kg
Extraction sourceCitrus fruit
Main componenthesperetin
characterWhite powder
Application dosage formCapsules, powders, tablets
package1kg aluminum foil bag /25kg cardboard
bucketPacking method
Packing methodIn bulk
Shelf life24 months

GrohmannK et al. used the aqueous phase as the reaction medium and dilute sulfuric acid as the catalyst, and the reaction temperature ranged from 25℃ to 180℃. The study found that the hydrolysis rate of hesperidin was significantly accelerated when the temperature in the aqueous phase was 120℃ or higher. This is because the solubility of hesperidin in aqueous medium at room temperature is very small, and increasing the reaction temperature Chemicalbook degree can greatly increase the solubility of hesperidin in aqueous phase. In the aqueous phase, hesperidin is mainly hydrolyzed to hesperidin-7-β-D-glucoside, while some hesperidin-7-β-D-glucoside can be further hydrolyzed to hesperidin (Figure 1). Hesperidin-7-β-d-glucoside is also an important organic intermediate that can be used in the synthesis of a sweetener (dihydrochalcone).
ThomasSeitz et al. selected methanol as the medium for hesperidin hydrolysis reaction, concentrated sulfuric acid as the catalyst, heated reflux reaction for 7.5h, the reaction ended, and ethyl acetate solution was added, washed, dried and concentrated to obtain crude products. The crude product is dissolved in. added to dilute acetic acid solution, filtered, concentrated and dried to obtain pure product (99% yield). Methanol synthesis process is simple, the product yield is the highest, but the separation and purification of the product is more complicated, and the Chemicalbook requires more toxic methanol as the reaction medium, so it does not meet the requirements of green production. Wingard et al. improved on the methanol method reported by ThomasSeitz. After the hydrolysis reaction is over, the reaction liquid is directly added to the water phase under the protection of nitrogen, heated for reflux for 2h, cooled, and the crude product is precipitated (yield 85%). The crude product can be washed to obtain hesperetin with 97% purity.

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