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Osmanthus Oil Flavor Liquid Concentrate Kosher Certified Water Soluble Dairy Essence

Osmanthus Oil Flavor Liquid Concentrate Kosher Certified Water Soluble Dairy Essence

  • Application
    Baked Goods, Desserts, And Beverages
  • Allergens
    Contains Milk
  • Kosher_Certification
    Kosher Certified
  • Solubility
    Water Soluble
  • Flavor_Strength
  • Country_Of_Origin
    United States
  • Form
  • Shelf Life
    24 Months Flavors And Fragrances
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number

Osmanthus Oil Flavor Liquid Concentrate Kosher Certified Water Soluble Dairy Essence

Osmanthus Oil Flavor Liquid Concentrate Kosher Certified Water Soluble Dairy Essence 0

Product Description:

Our Dairy Flavors collection is a premium range of taste-enhancing solutions crafted to elevate the sensory appeal of a wide array of food products. With a focus on quality and versatility, our flavors are meticulously developed to complement baked goods, desserts, and beverages, providing a delightful experience for consumers. These flavors are designed to have a medium intensity, ensuring they enrich the products without overwhelming the palate.

One of the standout flavors in our collection is the Double Lemon Oil Flavor. This essence captures the zesty and refreshing taste of lemons not once, but twice, providing a powerful citrus kick that is perfect for a variety of applications. Whether it's incorporated into a tangy lemon drizzle cake, a creamy lemon mousse, or a sparkling lemonade, our Double Lemon Oil Flavor is guaranteed to deliver a consistent and vibrant lemon taste that consumers love.

Another exotic addition to our Dairy Flavors line is the Tamarind Flavor. Known for its complex sweet and sour profile, our Tamarind Flavor is an ideal choice for creative culinary applications. This flavor can be the secret ingredient in your exotic dessert recipes, adding a unique twist to traditional sweets or offering a surprising note in modern beverage concoctions. Its versatility makes it suitable for both hot and cold applications, ensuring it maintains its delightful taste under various conditions.

Completing our trio of highlighted flavors is the Taro Flavor. With its naturally sweet and nutty essence, the Taro Flavor is a favorite in creating innovative dessert options. It's particularly popular in Asian-inspired treats such as taro milk tea, taro ice cream, and pastries. Our Taro Flavor captures the subtlety of the taro root, ensuring an authentic taste experience in every bite or sip.

All our Dairy Flavors, including these signature tastes, are formulated with an emphasis on stability and longevity. The flavors boast an impressive shelf life of 24 months, ensuring they retain their quality and efficacy for an extended period. This extended shelf life is particularly beneficial for manufacturers who require consistent flavoring solutions for their product lines without frequent restocking.

It is important to note that our Dairy Flavors collection does contain milk, as indicated in our allergen declaration. We prioritize consumer safety and transparency, and we advise that products using our dairy flavors clearly label this allergen to inform individuals with milk sensitivities or allergies.

When integrating our Dairy Flavors into your products, you can expect a seamless incorporation into various matrices. Whether you are infusing the Double Lemon Oil Flavor into a delicate pastry, the Tamarind Flavor into a sorbet, or the Taro Flavor into a frothy beverage, our flavors blend beautifully without altering the desired texture of your product.

In conclusion, our Dairy Flavors collection offers an exceptional range of applications, notable for their rich and authentic taste profiles. From the bright and bold Double Lemon Oil Flavor to the sweetly complex Tamarind Flavor and the comforting Taro Flavor, there's a taste for every preference. With a medium flavor strength that perfectly balances impact and subtlety, a 24-month shelf life for flavors and fragrances, and a clear allergen statement for consumer safety, our Dairy Flavors are the ideal choice for enhancing the appeal of your food and beverage products.



  • Product Name: Dairy Flavors
  • Add Scale: 0.03%-0.1%
  • Application: Baked Goods, Desserts, And Beverages
  • Flavor Strength: Medium
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Flavor Type: Dairy
  • Keywords:
    • Sweet Corn Flavor
    • Taiwan Green Tea Flavor
    • Tamarind Flavor

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Country_Of_Origin United States
Add Scale 0.03%-0.1%
Allergens Contains Milk
Flavor_Notes Buttery, Milky, And Sweet
Shelf Life (Flavors And Fragrances) 24 Months
Form Liquid
Halal_Certification Halal Certified
Shelf_Life 12 Months
Flavor_Type Dairy
Kosher_Certification Kosher Certified
Osmanthus Oil Flavor Liquid Concentrate Kosher Certified Water Soluble Dairy Essence 1


The BAISFU brand, particularly known for its exceptional flavors and fragrances, brings forth the BSFFlavors1217 model of Dairy Flavors, meticulously crafted to elevate the sensory experience of food and beverage products. Originating from China, this water-soluble flavoring solution is Halal Certified, ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of quality and is suitable for consumption by a wide range of customers, including those following Halal dietary guidelines.

The BSFFlavors1217 model boasts a medium flavor strength, particularly the Banana Emulsified Flavor, which has become a signature taste within the BAISFU product line. With its rich and authentic banana taste, it is perfect for a multitude of applications, ensuring products stand out in the competitive market. The Solubility feature of this product ensures it can be easily incorporated into various formulations, seamlessly blending with other components to create a consistent and delightful taste experience.

One of the most popular applications for the Banana Emulsified Flavor is in the dairy industry. This flavor can be used to enhance the taste of milk-based beverages, yogurts, ice creams, and frozen desserts. It is particularly suitable for occasions such as children's parties, where the playful and universally-loved banana flavor can be a hit among the young ones. Furthermore, health-conscious consumers can enjoy this flavor in their protein shakes or smoothies, adding a tropical twist to their nutrition without compromising on their dietary restrictions, thanks to the Halal Certification.

In the realm of baking and confectionery, the Banana Emulsified Flavor from BAISFU's BSFFlavors1217 model adds a delightful aroma and taste to cakes, muffins, and pastries. This flavor could also be the key ingredient in creating specialty candies and chocolates that cater to the banana flavor enthusiasts. The 24 Months Shelf Life of Flavors And Fragrances ensures that this product can be stored and used over an extended period, maintaining its quality and strength, reflected in the Product Code: 85234 Flavors And Fragrances.

Not only limited to sweet applications, but the Banana Emulsified Flavor can also be a unique addition to savory dishes, providing an innovative twist to sauces and dressings. For beverage applications, this flavor can be a staple in juice bars, cafes, and restaurants, offering an exotic banana-flavored twist to cocktails, mocktails, and milkshakes, perfect for summer menus or tropical-themed dining scenarios.

In conclusion, BAISFU's BSFFlavors1217 model with its Banana Emulsified Flavor offers an extensive range of applications, suitable for numerous occasions and scenarios. Its medium flavor strength, water solubility, and long shelf life make it an indispensable addition to any food and beverage manufacturer's flavor arsenal.



Experience the delectable world of BAISFU dairy flavors with our Model Number BSFFlavors1217, crafted to infuse your baked goods, desserts, and beverages with rich and authentic tastes. Originating from China with the high-quality standards of the United States, our medium flavor strength offerings ensure a perfect balance in every bite or sip.

Our product line comes in a convenient liquid form, making it easy to blend into your desired culinary creations. With a shelf life of 12 months, you can trust in the lasting freshness and potency of our flavors.

Delight in the lusciousness of our Apricot Flavor, the zesty kick of Fresh Orange Juice Flavor, and the unique, creamy essence of Taro Flavor. Each one is designed to elevate your food and beverage products, allowing for a customization experience that caters to the sophisticated palate of your customers.


Support and Services:

Our Dairy Flavors product is accompanied by comprehensive technical support and services to ensure our customers can fully leverage the quality and taste our flavors bring to their products. Our team of experienced flavorists and food technologists are available to provide product development assistance, helping you to integrate our flavors into your applications seamlessly.

We offer a range of services including but not limited to flavor matching, taste profiling, and stability testing to ensure that our Dairy Flavors maintain their integrity in various applications. Our support extends to regulatory guidance to help you navigate the complex food safety standards and ensure compliance with local and international regulations.

Our commitment to customer service means we are dedicated to providing solutions to any technical challenges you may encounter. Whether it's optimizing flavor performance, scaling up production, or adapting to new ingredients, our technical team is ready to assist you in achieving the perfect flavor profile for your products.

In addition, we continuously invest in research and development to improve our flavors and create new, innovative options that meet the evolving tastes of consumers. We are passionate about working collaboratively with our customers to turn their creative visions into reality.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our Dairy Flavors are securely packaged in high-quality, food-grade containers to ensure freshness and prevent contamination. Each container is sealed and labeled with product information, including ingredients, expiration date, and batch number for easy traceability.

Shipping: Orders are shipped within 24 hours of processing via our trusted carriers. We offer standard, expedited, and refrigerated shipping options to meet your needs. Please note that refrigerated shipping is recommended for our Dairy Flavors to maintain the highest quality. All shipments are carefully handled and insulated to protect the integrity of the product during transit.



Q: What types of dairy flavors does BAISFU offer under the model number BSFFlavors1217?

A: BAISFU offers a variety of dairy flavors under the model number BSFFlavors1217, including but not limited to cheese, butter, milk, and cream flavors. Please contact us for a full list of available options.

Q: Can BAISFU dairy flavors be used in baking applications?

A: Yes, BAISFU dairy flavors under the model number BSFFlavors1217 are suitable for baking applications. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and retain their flavor profile during the baking process.

Q: Are the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors from BAISFU natural or artificial?

A: BAISFU offers both natural and artificial dairy flavor options under the model number BSFFlavors1217. Please specify your preference when placing an order or contact us for more information on the type of flavoring.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a sample of the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavor before making a large purchase?

A: Yes, BAISFU typically offers samples for the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors. We recommend contacting us to discuss your specific needs and arrange for a sample to be sent to you.

Q: What is the shelf life of the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors from BAISFU?

A: The shelf life of BAISFU dairy flavors under the model number BSFFlavors1217 is typically around 12 to 18 months when stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Please check the product label for the exact expiration date.