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Halal Certified Liquid Buttery Dairy Flavors Water Soluble Sweet Milk Notes 24 Months Cinnamon Oil Flavor

Halal Certified Liquid Buttery Dairy Flavors Water Soluble Sweet Milk Notes 24 Months Cinnamon Oil Flavor

  • Add Scale
  • Shelf Life
    24 Months Flavors And Fragrances
  • Solubility
    Water Soluble
  • Flavor_Notes
    Buttery, Milky, And Sweet
  • Form
  • Allergens
    Contains Milk
  • Shelf_Life
    12 Months
  • Halal_Certification
    Halal Certified
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number

Halal Certified Liquid Buttery Dairy Flavors Water Soluble Sweet Milk Notes 24 Months Cinnamon Oil Flavor

Halal Certified Liquid Buttery Dairy Flavors Water Soluble Sweet Milk Notes 24 Months Cinnamon Oil Flavor 0

Product Description:

Introducing our premium Dairy Flavors product, meticulously crafted to offer an authentic dairy essence suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. This innovative flavor solution is specially designed to provide a rich, creamy, and indulgent experience, capturing the quintessential characteristics of high-quality dairy products. Whether you are looking to infuse a velvety texture into baked goods, enhance the mouthfeel of beverages, or bring a touch of creaminess to confections, our Dairy Flavors are the perfect addition to elevate your creations.

Our Dairy Flavors boast an exceptional flavor profile, with buttery, milky, and sweet notes that replicate the taste of fresh dairy. These flavors are expertly balanced to ensure that each note complements the others, creating a harmonious and satisfying taste experience. The liquid form of our Dairy Flavors ensures a seamless integration into your products, delivering consistent and even flavor distribution.

One of the standout features of our Dairy Flavors product is its excellent solubility. Being water-soluble, it can be effortlessly incorporated into a diverse range of products, from beverages and soups to sauces and dressings. This versatility extends to both hot and cold applications, ensuring that the dairy notes remain prominent and true to taste regardless of the preparation method.

The inclusion of our Dairy Flavors in your product lineup opens up a world of innovative possibilities. Imagine the luxurious taste of buttery and milky notes in a freshly baked croissant or the sweet, creamy sensation in a scoop of premium ice cream. Our flavors are not limited to traditional dairy applications; they can also be used to impart a subtle richness to non-dairy, plant-based alternatives, catering to the growing demand for vegan and lactose-free options.

Our Dairy Flavors are incredibly potent and efficient, with an add scale of just 0.03% to 0.1%. This means that only a small amount is required to achieve the desired effect, making our product a cost-effective solution for manufacturers looking to introduce a powerful dairy note without altering the base properties of their product. Moreover, the exacting concentration of our flavors allows for precise control over the flavor intensity, empowering you to tailor the taste profile to your specific needs.

Moreover, our Dairy Flavors can be skillfully combined with other flavor profiles to create unique and exciting taste sensations. Imagine the comforting blend of our dairy flavor with the tropical allure of Banana Oil Flavor, the zesty tang of Fresh Orange Juice Flavor, or the nutty depth of Almond Oil Flavor. The possibilities are endless, and our Dairy Flavors serve as the perfect foundation for culinary innovation, providing a neutral yet rich backdrop for other flavors to shine.

Our commitment to quality means that our Dairy Flavors are produced with the highest standards, ensuring a product that is not only delicious but also safe and consistent. Each batch is rigorously tested to meet our stringent quality control measures, delivering a reliable and superior flavor experience every time.

In conclusion, our Dairy Flavors product offers an unparalleled combination of authenticity, versatility, and potency, making it an indispensable ingredient for food and beverage manufacturers seeking to captivate consumers with the comforting and familiar taste of dairy. Whether used alone or in combination with other flavor profiles, our Dairy Flavors are sure to become a staple in your flavor arsenal, inspiring creativity and delighting taste buds with every application.



  • Product Name: Dairy Flavors
  • Application: Baked Goods, Desserts, and Beverages
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • Flavor Profile: Creamy and Rich
  • Product Code: 85234
  • Solubility: Water Soluble
  • Available Flavors:
    • Apricot Flavor
    • Sweet Orange Emulsion Flavor
    • Sour Plum Flavor

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Allergens Contains Milk
Solubility Water Soluble
Flavor Type Dairy
Shelf Life 24 Months Flavors And Fragrances
Product Code 85234 Flavors And Fragrances
Flavor Strength Medium
Kosher Certification Kosher Certified
Flavor Notes Buttery, Milky, And Sweet
Shelf Life 12 Months
Application Baked Goods, Desserts, And Beverages
Halal Certified Liquid Buttery Dairy Flavors Water Soluble Sweet Milk Notes 24 Months Cinnamon Oil Flavor 1


The BAISFU brand, originating from the heart of China, presents its premium model number BSFFlavors1217. This exquisite line of dairy flavors is renowned for its creamy and rich taste profile, offering an unparalleled sensory experience. The liquid form of these flavors ensures a seamless integration into various product matrices, making them a versatile choice for manufacturers. With an impressive shelf life of 24 months, these flavors and fragrances maintain their integrity and quality over an extended period, ensuring consistent consumer satisfaction.

In the bustling world of food and beverage product development, the BAISFU dairy flavors stand out with their ability to enhance a wide array of applications. One such delightful offering is the Sweet Orange Emulsion Flavor, which is perfect for imparting a zesty, citrusy twist to baked goods. Imagine the warm, comforting aroma of freshly baked orange pastries filling the air, with each bite delivering a burst of sweet, tangy goodness, thanks to the nuanced addition of this flavor at a mere 0.03%-0.1% scale.

Dessert enthusiasts will revel in the transformative quality of these flavors. The Sweet Orange Pulp Flavor, in particular, can elevate the humblest of desserts into a gourmet experience. Whether it's being incorporated into a delicate mousse, a rich custard, or a sumptuous ice cream, the Sweet Orange Pulp Flavor infuses a refreshing depth that complements the sweetness and creaminess of desserts, making each spoonful a memorable indulgence.

A highlight of the BAISFU dairy flavor range is the Watermelon Flavor, specially crafted for the chewing gum industry. This refreshing flavor captures the essence of summer with its juicy, fruity notes. When kneaded into the gum base, it imparts a long-lasting watermelon taste, creating an invigorating chewing experience that keeps consumers coming back for more. The liquid form of the flavor ensures a uniform distribution throughout the gum, delivering consistent taste with every chew.

The versatility of the BSFFlavors1217 extends to beverages as well. The addition of these creamy and rich flavors can transform ordinary drinks into luxurious concoctions. Whether it's a smoothie, milkshake, or a complex cocktail, the BAISFU dairy flavors blend harmoniously with liquids, infusing them with a depth of flavor that is both comforting and indulgent. The ease of solubility and the ability to withstand various processing conditions make these flavors an ideal choice for beverage applications.

The BAISFU dairy flavors, with their exceptional quality and adaptability, are the perfect ingredients for creating products that stand out in the competitive food and beverage market. Whether it's for baked goods, desserts, chewing gum, or beverages, these flavors ensure that every product is imbued with a signature creamy richness that is sure to delight the senses.



Brand Name: BAISFU

Model Number: BSFFlavors1217

Place of Origin: China

Product Code: 85234 Flavors And Fragrances

Flavor Notes: Buttery, Milky, And Sweet

Solubility: Water Soluble

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Flavor Strength: Medium

Experience the rich and creamy sensations of BAISFU's Dairy Flavors, expertly crafted to enhance your products with authentic buttery, milky, and sweet notes. Whether you're developing a new line of ice creams, baked goods, or dairy beverages, our BSFFlavors1217 model, originating from China, is the perfect addition to your flavor arsenal.

Our water-soluble Dairy Flavors are designed for seamless integration into your recipes, ensuring consistent taste and quality across your product offerings. With a medium flavor strength, they offer a balanced profile suitable for a wide range of applications. Plus, with a shelf life of 12 months, you can rely on the enduring freshness and impact of our Dairy Flavors.

In addition to our classic Dairy Flavors, BAISFU is proud to present our specialty selections: the earthy Mushroom Flavor, the vibrant Watermelon Flavor tailored for chewing gum applications, and the tangy Sour Plum Flavor. Each flavor is meticulously formulated to capture the essence of its respective source, delivering an authentic taste experience that will set your products apart.

Product Code: 85234 Flavors And Fragrances – your assurance of quality and excellence in flavor customization services.


Support and Services:

Our Dairy Flavors product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your complete satisfaction and success in incorporating our flavors into your products. Our team of experienced food technologists and flavor chemists is dedicated to providing you with the expertise and guidance needed to optimize flavor performance and achieve the desired taste profile.

We offer a range of services including product development assistance, application support, and custom flavor creation to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to enhance an existing product or develop a new one, our professionals are here to provide support throughout the process.

To ensure the highest quality and consistency of our Dairy Flavors, we also provide troubleshooting assistance and quality control guidance. Our goal is to help you maintain the integrity of your products and deliver a delightful sensory experience to your customers.

For any technical inquiries or to request support, please reach out to our customer service team. We are committed to providing a swift and effective response to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions regarding our Dairy Flavors.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our Dairy Flavors are carefully packaged in food-grade, airtight containers to maintain freshness and prevent contamination. Each container is sealed and labeled with product information, including the flavor, batch number, and expiration date.

Shipping: We ship our Dairy Flavors in temperature-controlled packaging to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Our shipping partners are selected for their reliability and expertise in handling food products. We offer standard and expedited shipping options to meet your needs.



Q1: What types of Dairy Flavors does BAISFU offer under the model number BSFFlavors1217?

A1: BAISFU offers a variety of dairy flavors under the model number BSFFlavors1217, including but not limited to, flavors reminiscent of milk, cheese, butter, and cream. Please contact us or consult the product catalogue for the full range of flavors available.

Q2: Can the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors be used in baking?

A2: Yes, the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors are versatile and can be used in baking applications to enhance the taste of cakes, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods with authentic dairy notes.

Q3: Are the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors natural?

A3: BAISFU offers a range of dairy flavors, some of which are made from natural ingredients. To ensure you are selecting a natural flavor, please refer to the specific product details or reach out to our customer service team for clarification.

Q4: Is it possible to obtain a sample of the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors before making a large purchase?

A4: Yes, we understand the importance of product testing and are happy to provide samples of our BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors. Please contact our sales team to request a sample and discuss your specific needs.

Q5: How should the BAISFU dairy flavors be stored to maintain their quality?

A5: To maintain the quality and shelf life of the BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors, they should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Keep the container tightly sealed when not in use to prevent contamination and preserve the flavor integrity.