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ketchup Flavor Certified Kosher Dairy Flavor Medium Strength Buttery Milky Sweet

ketchup Flavor Certified Kosher Dairy Flavor Medium Strength Buttery Milky Sweet

  • Country_Of_Origin
    United States
  • Application
    Baked Goods, Desserts, And Beverages
  • Flavor_Notes
    Buttery, Milky, And Sweet
  • Flavor_Strength
  • Allergens
    Contains Milk
  • Flavor_Type
  • Halal_Certification
    Halal Certified
  • Kosher_Certification
    Kosher Certified
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number

ketchup Flavor Certified Kosher Dairy Flavor Medium Strength Buttery Milky Sweet

ketchup Flavor Certified Kosher Dairy Flavor Medium Strength Buttery Milky Sweet 0

Product Description:

The Dairy Flavors collection, originating from the United States, brings a delectable assortment of flavors to a variety of culinary applications. Designed to cater to the sophisticated palate, these flavors are carefully crafted to replicate the authentic, rich, and creamy taste of dairy products. The medium flavor strength ensures a balanced profile that complements rather than overpowers the original taste of your dishes, making it an impeccable choice for a diverse range of recipes.

One of the standout features of our Dairy Flavors is their water-soluble nature, allowing for seamless integration into an array of liquid-based offerings. Whether you are concocting creamy beverages, sumptuous sauces, or other culinary creations, these flavors merge effortlessly, ensuring a consistent taste experience in every sip or bite. This solubility is particularly beneficial for beverage manufacturers who aim to infuse their drinks with the comforting essence of dairy flavors without the challenges of incorporating oil-based or insoluble additives.

Emphasizing versatility, our Dairy Flavors shine in a myriad of applications. They are especially well-suited for baked goods, where they introduce a comforting, creamy dimension to bread, pastries, and confectioneries. Imagine the warm, inviting aroma of freshly baked goods enhanced with a subtle, yet distinct, touch of dairy goodness. Moreover, desserts such as ice cream, puddings, and custards are elevated to new heights when infused with these rich, creamy flavors, offering a sophisticated twist to classic treats.

The application of our Dairy Flavors extends to beverages as well, where they can transform ordinary drinks into luxurious, creamy delights. From hot beverages like lattes and cappuccinos to cold smoothies and milkshakes, these flavors provide a depth and richness that is undeniably indulgent. The ability to blend smoothly with various beverage bases makes our Dairy Flavors an invaluable asset to any beverage development process.

To cater to a broad spectrum of taste preferences and innovative culinary ventures, our collection includes unique flavors like Sour Plum Flavor, Wild Jujube Flavor, and Sweet Corn Flavor. The Sour Plum Flavor is a harmonious blend of tart and tangy notes that can add a surprising twist to your culinary creations. It pairs exceptionally well with creamy desserts, providing a refreshing contrast that enhances the overall flavor profile.

The Wild Jujube Flavor offers a delightful nod to exotic tastes, presenting a balance of sweetness with a hint of earthiness. This flavor is reminiscent of the fruit's natural subtleties, making it an exotic addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Imagine the Wild Jujube Flavor lending its unique character to cheesecakes, custards, or even artisanal bread.

Lastly, the Sweet Corn Flavor brings a comforting, familiar taste that is both nuanced and inviting. This flavor captures the essence of sweet corn with its inherent sweetness and buttery notes, making it a perfect match for bakery items and confections that benefit from a touch of savory-sweet complexity. It is also a delightful complement to dairy-based beverages, adding a wholesome, homegrown dimension to the drinking experience.

All in all, our Dairy Flavors are a testament to the art of flavoring, offering a versatile solution for infusing your products with the classic and comforting taste of dairy. Made in the United States, these water-soluble flavors are poised to transform your baked goods, desserts, and beverages into irresistible offerings that resonate with consumers seeking quality and authenticity. Whether you are looking to innovate or simply enhance your existing product line, our Dairy Flavors are ready to meet the challenge and exceed expectations.



  • Product Name: Dairy Flavors
  • Halal Certification: Halal Certified
  • Solubility: Water Soluble
  • Flavor Type: Dairy
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Flavors And Fragrances:
    • Banana Emulsified Flavor
    • Fresh Orange Juice Flavor
    • Sweet Orange Pulp Flavor
ketchup Flavor Certified Kosher Dairy Flavor Medium Strength Buttery Milky Sweet 1

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Flavor_Notes Buttery, Milky, And Sweet
Shelf Life 24 Months Flavors And Fragrances, 12 Months for Toffy Milk Flavor, Banana Emulsified Flavor, Sweet Corn Flavor
Flavor_Strength Medium
Flavor_Profile Creamy And Rich
Application Baked Goods, Desserts, And Beverages
Country_Of_Origin United States
Flavor_Type Dairy
Halal_Certification Halal Certified
Add Scale 0.03%-0.1%


BAISFU, with its distinguished Model Number BSFFlavors1217, brings an authentic array of dairy flavors originating from China, designed to enhance the culinary experience across a multitude of occasions and scenarios. The applications of BAISFU's Dairy Flavors are diverse, with a special focus on the enhancement of baked goods, desserts, and beverages. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, these flavors will elevate your creations with their rich profiles and seamless solubility in water.

Imagine the lush, aromatic infusion of our Mushroom Flavor into a warm, freshly-baked quiche or the incorporation of the Banana Emulsified Flavor into a light, airy sponge cake. These flavors are not only versatile but also carry the reliability of a 24-month shelf life, ensuring that chefs and food manufacturers can depend on their quality and consistency for an extended period. BAISFU's commitment to excellence is mirrored in the products' ability to retain their distinctive flavors and fragrances over time, originating from a brand with roots in the United States.

When it comes to desserts, the Banana Emulsified Flavor from BAISFU stands out as a game-changer. Imagine the delectable layers of a banana-flavored panna cotta or the delightful swirls of banana-flavored frosting on a cupcake, each bite transporting you to a world of creamy indulgence. The water-soluble nature of these dairy flavors ensures that they integrate seamlessly into your dessert recipes, providing a consistent flavor experience from the first bite to the last.

In the realm of beverages, the versatility of BAISFU dairy flavors shines through. From the creation of a mushroom-flavored creamy soup that warms the soul on a chilly evening to the crafting of a banana-flavored smoothie that refreshes and revitalizes, these flavors add depth and character to both hot and cold drinks. The solubility of BAISFU flavors guarantees that they disperse evenly throughout the beverage, offering a perfect blend of taste and aroma.

The applications of BAISFU dairy flavors are not limited to these examples. They can be creatively used in a variety of culinary contexts, whether it's experimenting with new recipes or adding a twist to classic dishes. The Mushroom Flavor can transform a simple risotto into an earthy, umami-packed meal, while the Banana Emulsified Flavor can be the secret ingredient in a signature banana bread that keeps customers coming back. With BAISFU's BSFFlavors1217, the possibilities are as limitless as the culinary imagination.



Brand Name: BAISFU

Model Number: BSFFlavors1217

Place of Origin: China

Allergens: Contains Milk

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Extended Shelf Life: 24 Months for Flavors And Fragrances

Flavor Profile: Creamy And Rich

Flavor Notes: Buttery, Milky, And Sweet

Our BAISFU Dairy Flavors portfolio includes a variety of exceptional taste experiences. Among them, the Banana Emulsified Flavor brings a tropical twist with its creamy and authentic banana taste, while the Mushroom Flavor offers an earthy and savory option for those looking for a unique dairy flavor experience. All flavors are designed to deliver a buttery, milky, and sweet profile that enhances your products with the quality expected from BAISFU's BSFFlavors1217 model.


Support and Services:

Our Dairy Flavors are meticulously designed to provide an authentic taste experience to any food or beverage application. We take pride in the quality and consistency of our flavors, which are created to meet the highest industry standards. Our technical support team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect dairy flavor for your product, ensuring optimal performance and consumer satisfaction.

Whether you are looking to enhance a new creation or improve an existing product, our experts can provide comprehensive services, including flavor matching, application development, and sensory analysis. We also offer regulatory support to help you navigate the complexities of food labeling and compliance, ensuring that your product meets all necessary guidelines.

To ensure you get the most out of our Dairy Flavors, we provide extensive documentation, such as product specifications, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), allergen statements, and nutritional information. Our goal is to support your development process from concept to commercialization, providing you with the tools and expertise needed to create exceptional products that delight your customers.

For more detailed assistance with our Dairy Flavors, please reach out to our technical support team through the appropriate channels. We are here to help you solve any challenges and to make your experience with our products as seamless and successful as possible.


Packing and Shipping:

Our Dairy Flavors products are carefully packaged in high-quality, food-grade containers that ensure the integrity and freshness of the flavors during transport. Each container is sealed and labeled with product information, including batch number, production date, and expiration date for easy traceability.

For shipping, the containers are placed in sturdy cardboard boxes with appropriate cushioning materials to prevent any movement or damage during transit. The boxes are then sealed and marked with handling instructions to ensure they are transported under the right conditions. We use refrigerated shipping for temperature-sensitive products to maintain the optimal quality of our dairy flavors.

We work with reliable carriers to ensure that your order arrives on time and in excellent condition. Tracking information is provided for every shipment, allowing you to monitor the delivery status of your dairy flavors. Our aim is to provide you with the highest level of service from packaging to delivery.



Q1: What types of dairy flavors does the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 offer?

A1: The BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 offers a variety of dairy flavors, including but not limited to cream, butter, cheese, and milk. Each flavor is crafted to provide a rich and authentic taste experience suitable for various applications in food and beverage products.

Q2: Can the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors be used in both sweet and savory products?

A2: Yes, BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors are versatile and can be used to enhance both sweet and savory products, ranging from baked goods and confectioneries to sauces and snacks.

Q3: Are the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors suitable for vegetarian or vegan products?

A3: The suitability for vegetarian or vegan products depends on the specific dairy flavor in question. Please contact our customer service to obtain detailed information about the composition of each flavor to determine if it meets your vegetarian or vegan requirements.

Q4: Is the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 produced in China?

A4: Yes, the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors are produced in China, adhering to rigorous quality control standards to ensure high-quality and consistent taste profiles.

Q5: How do I store BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors to maintain their quality?

A5: To maintain the quality of BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 dairy flavors, they should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Make sure the container is tightly sealed to prevent contamination and preserve the flavor's integrity.