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Factory Direct Wholesale For Concentrate Shrimp Meal Flavor Synthetic Flavour Non Oil Based Food Flavoring

Factory Direct Wholesale For Concentrate Shrimp Meal Flavor Synthetic Flavour Non Oil Based Food Flavoring

  • Appearance
    Liquid Fragrance
  • Sample
  • Color
    Ligth Yellow Liquid
  • Type
    Synthetic Flavour
  • Customer Reviews
    5 Stars
  • Variety
  • Form
    Liquid Flavour Concentrate
  • Storage
    Store In A Cool, Dry Place
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Shrimp Meal Flavor
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    No minimum order quantity
  • Price
    Any quantity can be ordered according to customer needs
  • Packaging Details
    1kg/foil bag,5kg/foil bag,10kg/foil bag,25kg/drum,180kg/barrel
  • Delivery Time
    2-3 woring days
  • Payment Terms
    D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C,Paypal,Alibaba pay...
  • Supply Ability
    20000 kilograms /month

Factory Direct Wholesale For Concentrate Shrimp Meal Flavor Synthetic Flavour Non Oil Based Food Flavoring

Product Description:

Welcome to the exquisite world of our Bakery Flavors, where every scent is an invitation to indulge in the sweeter side of life. Our latest offering in this luxurious line is the signature Cinnamon Oil Flavor, meticulously crafted under Product Code: 85234 Flavors And Fragrances. This Synthetic Flavour is not your ordinary culinary additive; it is a symphony of taste, meticulously blended to elevate your baking and eating experience.

At the heart of our Cinnamon Oil Flavor lies a dedication to quality and authenticity. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our flavor is a testament to the art of handmade perfection. Each small batch is created with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every drop is imbued with the rich, warm notes of cinnamon that you've come to love and expect. This bespoke approach to flavor creation sets our product apart, making it a special feature that discerning clients will appreciate.

The allure of our Cinnamon Oil Flavor lies not only in its taste but also in its versatility. Ready to eat right out of the bottle, it can be used to add a dash of spice and sweetness to your morning toast, oatmeal, or a steaming cup of coffee. But where it truly shines is in its ability to transform your baking creations. Whether you're whipping up a batch of aromatic cinnamon rolls, a spiced carrot cake, or a batch of comforting snickerdoodles, our Cinnamon Oil Flavor will infuse your desserts with that classic, beloved cinnamon essence.

We understand that the essence of flavor lies in its freshness and purity. That's why we recommend that our Cinnamon Oil Flavor be stored in a cool, dry place. This simple step ensures that the flavor remains potent and unspoiled, ready to work its magic whenever you decide to use it. Proper storage will maintain the integrity of the flavor, allowing you to enjoy the full-bodied cinnamon experience every time.

In the world of synthetic flavors, finding one that resonates with authenticity can be challenging. However, our Cinnamon Oil Flavor stands out as a beacon of quality. Synthetic Flavour, in this context, refers to the precision and consistency achieved through our state-of-the-art processes, ensuring that every batch delivers the same rich and robust flavor profile that our customers have come to know and love.

Our commitment to excellence is not just limited to the product itself but extends to the entire experience. From the moment you open the bottle, the warm, spicy aroma of cinnamon will captivate your senses, reminding you of the care and passion that went into its creation. It’s an aroma that promises to bring your baked goods to life, offering a sensory journey that begins with the mere scent of our flavor and culminates in the delicious taste of your culinary masterpieces.

To sum up, the Bakery Flavors' Cinnamon Oil Flavor under Product Code: 85234 is more than just a flavoring; it's an artisanal creation that honors the timeless taste of cinnamon. It's a Synthetic Flavour that has been handcrafted in small batches, ready to eat, and perfect for use in baking. With proper storage in a cool, dry place, this flavor will maintain its character and potency, ensuring that every bite is as enchanting as the last. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cooking enthusiast, our Cinnamon Oil Flavor is designed to inspire and delight. So, embark on a culinary adventure with us and let the warm, sweet, and spicy notes of cinnamon elevate your baking to new heights.



  • Product Name: Bakery Flavors
  • Type: Synthetic Flavour
  • Usage: Ready To Eat Or Use In Baking
  • Origin Place: Guangdong, China
  • Product Code: 85234 Flavors And Fragrances
  • Color: Light Yellow Liquid
  • Key Ingredients: Cinnamon Oil Flavor, Cinnamon Oil Flavor, Cinnamon Oil Flavor


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Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Sample Supplied
Shelf Life 6 Months
Type Synthetic Flavour - Cinnamon Oil Flavor
Grade Food Grade
Origin Place Guangdong, China
Appearance Liquid Fragrance - Cinnamon Oil Flavor
Special Features Handmade, Small Batch - Cinnamon Oil Flavor
Customer Reviews 5 Stars
Product Code 85234 Flavors And Fragrances
Storage Store In A Cool, Dry Place


Factory Direct Wholesale For Concentrate Shrimp Meal Flavor Synthetic Flavour Non Oil Based Food Flavoring 0

Factory Direct Wholesale For Concentrate Shrimp Meal Flavor Synthetic Flavour Non Oil Based Food Flavoring 1


BAISFU's Model Number BSFFlavors1217 brings an authentic Cinnamon Oil Flavor to a plethora of culinary creations. Originating from Guangdong, China, this food-grade, synthetic flavor embodies the essence of versatility and quality, suitable for a variety of application occasions and scenarios. With its light yellow liquid presentation, it adds not only taste but also an appealing visual aspect to food items, while ensuring that the integrity of the flavor is paramount.

One of the primary applications for the BAISFU Cinnamon Oil Flavor is in the baking industry. Bakeries can infuse their pastries, bread, and cakes with this aromatic essence to create a warm, inviting flavor that is synonymous with comfort food. The Cinnamon Oil Flavor is particularly popular during the holiday season, where it can be used in Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, and festive pies. However, its use is not limited to any season, as it can enhance the taste of cinnamon rolls, donuts, and muffins year-round.

The versatility of the BAISFU Cinnamon Oil Flavor extends beyond baked goods. It is also an excellent addition to beverages, where it can be incorporated into hot drinks like coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, providing a spicy kick that complements the natural bitterness of these beverages. Cold desserts such as ice creams and sorbets can also benefit from the unique taste of cinnamon, offering a refreshing yet spicy twist to traditional flavors.

Food manufacturers aiming to create confectionery products like candy, chewing gums, and chocolates will find that the BSFFlavors1217 model imparts a distinct cinnamon zest that can differentiate their products in the marketplace. The synthetic flavor of BAISFU Cinnamon Oil is engineered to withstand the rigors of processing, ensuring that the final product retains the desired taste profile.

When it comes to storage, BAISFU ensures that its Cinnamon Oil Flavor is easy to maintain. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place to preserve its quality and longevity. This makes it an ideal choice for food service providers who require a reliable, high-quality flavoring agent that can be kept on hand without the need for special storage arrangements.

Finally, the application of BAISFU's Cinnamon Oil Flavor is not just limited to consumables. It can also be used in aromatic applications such as scented candles and air fresheners, providing a cozy and inviting cinnamon aroma that is perfect for creating a warm ambiance in any space. Overall, the BSFFlavors1217 model from BAISFU is a testament to the adaptability and excellence of synthetic flavors originating from the place of origin, china, and it stands as a staple for anyone looking to add a touch of cinnamon to their products.



Brand Name: BAISFU

Model Number: BSFFlavors1217

Place of Origin: China

Appearance: Liquid Fragrance

Usage: Ready To Eat Or Use In Baking

Color: Light Yellow Liquid

Origin Place: Guangdong, China

Grade: Food Grade

Introducing our premium Cinnamon Oil Flavor from BAISFU, model number BSFFlavors1217. This high-quality flavor originates from Guangdong, China, and is perfect for those looking to add an authentic Cinnamon Oil Flavor to their ready-to-eat products or baking creations. Our Light Yellow Liquid is of the highest Food Grade quality, ensuring that your culinary concoctions are not only delicious but also meet stringent safety standards. Experience the rich and inviting aroma of our Cinnamon Oil Flavor , a must-have for any discerning baker or food enthusiast.


Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for the Bakery Flavors product are designed to ensure that you are able to make the most of our flavors in your baking applications. We offer a range of services to assist you with product selection, application, and optimization to enhance the taste, aroma, and overall quality of your baked goods.

Our team of experienced food technologists and flavorists are available to provide you with personalized support and guidance. Whether you are looking to create a new product or improve an existing recipe, we can help you select the perfect flavor profile from our extensive portfolio to meet your specific needs.

We provide comprehensive technical documentation for all our Bakery Flavors, including product specifications, safety data sheets, allergen information, and usage recommendations. This ensures that you have all the necessary information to use our flavors safely and effectively.

In addition to documentation, our services include sensory evaluation, stability testing, and compatibility assessments with other ingredients. We understand the complexities of flavor interaction in baking processes and are prepared to assist you in overcoming any technical challenges that may arise.

For customers looking to stay ahead of market trends, we offer insights into emerging flavor trends and consumer preferences. Our support team can collaborate with you to develop innovative baked products that cater to the changing tastes of consumers.

To further support your development process, we offer sample flavors for testing in your applications. This allows you to experiment with different flavor combinations and concentrations before making a final decision.

At every step of your product's journey, from concept to commercialization, our Product Technical Support and Services are here to ensure your bakery creations are flavorful, consistent, and competitive in the marketplace.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Bakery Flavors products are securely packaged to ensure freshness and prevent damage during transit. Each item is individually wrapped and sealed to maintain its delectable taste and aroma. The packaging materials are food-grade and comply with all food safety standards to guarantee the quality of our baked goods.

Shipping: We ship our Bakery Flavors products with reputable carriers to provide fast and reliable delivery. Upon dispatch, customers will receive a tracking number to monitor their shipment's progress. We take extra care to protect the products from temperature fluctuations and handle them with the utmost care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.



Q1: What types of bakery flavors are available under the BAISFU brand?

A1: BAISFU offers a wide range of bakery flavors, including but not limited to vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and caramel. Each flavor is designed to enhance your baking creations with rich and authentic taste.

Q2: Can BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 be used in both sweet and savory baking applications?

A2: Yes, BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 is versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of baking recipes, whether sweet or savory. The intensity and type of flavor used would depend on the recipe and desired outcome.

Q3: Are the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 bakery flavors natural or artificial?

A3: BAISFU offers both natural and artificial bakery flavors. Please refer to the specific product labeling or contact customer service for details about the flavor you are interested in.

Q4: How should I store my BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 bakery flavors to maintain their quality?

A4: To preserve the quality and longevity of the BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 bakery flavors, they should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ensure the cap is tightly sealed when not in use to prevent exposure to air.

Q5: Are there any allergens in BAISFU BSFFlavors1217 bakery flavors that I should be aware of?

A5: It's important to check the labeling for specific allergen information, as different flavors may contain varying ingredients. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, please consult the product information or contact customer support for detailed ingredient lists.