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Kimchi Powder Flavor For EXW Food Essence Flavours 100% Pure Ingredients Natural And Artificial Flavourings

Kimchi Powder Flavor For EXW Food Essence Flavours 100% Pure Ingredients Natural And Artificial Flavourings

  • Flavour Profile
    Sweet Aroma
  • Term
  • Add Scale
  • Application
    Food And Beverage Baking Candy Daily Industry
  • Flavor
    Rose Flavor
  • Statue
  • Sample
    FAree 20-50ml
  • Taste And Odour
    Coconut Flavor
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1KG /5KG /25KG/180KG no MOQ
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    shipping 2-3 woring day after make payment
  • Payment Terms
    T/T,Western Union, PayPal, Alibaba Pay/LC
  • Supply Ability

Kimchi Powder Flavor For EXW Food Essence Flavours 100% Pure Ingredients Natural And Artificial Flavourings

Kimchi Powder Flavor For EXW Food Essence Flavours 100% Pure Ingredients Natural And Artificial Flavourings 0

Product Description:

Indulge in the exquisite delicacy of our premium Food Essence Flavours, meticulously crafted to elevate your culinary creations with an essence of diet flavors. Our product is the epitome of gourmet flavor enhancers, offering a rich and sweet aroma that will tantalize your taste buds and add an unparalleled essence of food pizzaz to all your dishes. Whether you are a professional chef or a passionate home cook, our Food Essence Flavours are designed to infuse your recipes with an irresistible rose flavor that will leave a lasting impression on all who savor your cuisine.

Our Food Essence Flavours come in both liquid and powder form, providing flexibility and convenience to suit your specific cooking and baking needs. The statue of our essence allows for easy blending with a wide range of ingredients, ensuring a smooth distribution of flavor throughout your dish. The liquid form is perfect for incorporating into beverages, batters, and sauces, while the powder form can be used as a dusting or mixed into dry ingredients for baked goods and confections. This versatility makes our essence a staple in any kitchen.

The flavor profile of our Food Essence Flavours is designed to complement a variety of dishes without overpowering the natural taste of your ingredients. With a sweet aroma that echoes the gentle caress of rose petals, our rose flavor adds a delicate yet sophisticated touch to desserts, pastries, and even savory dishes. The natural and artificial flavorings are expertly blended to achieve the perfect balance, ensuring that every drop or sprinkle of our essence adds depth and complexity to your culinary endeavors.

We take pride in the longevity and quality of our Food Essence Flavours. With a shelf life of 3 years, our product promises enduring flavor, allowing you to stock up with confidence. The extended shelf life also ensures that the essence maintains its potency and aromatic profile, thus guaranteeing consistent results in your cooking and baking projects over time. Whether you're planning to use it immediately or save it for a special occasion, our essence will be ready to perform, adding a gourmet touch to your dishes whenever you need it.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the ingredients we choose. Our Food Essence Flavours are a harmonious blend of natural and artificial flavorings, carefully selected to achieve the highest quality and taste. By combining the best of both worlds, we ensure that the essence you receive not only meets but exceeds your expectations. The natural flavorings are derived from premium sources, while the artificial flavorings are meticulously engineered to replicate the nuances of natural tastes, ensuring that every application is as close to perfection as possible.

In conclusion, our Food Essence Flavours are more than just an ingredient; they are an experience. They are the secret ingredient to the essence of diet flavors, the defining touch to your gourmet flavor enhancers collection, and the essential spark that adds essence of food pizzaz to your creations. Whether you're crafting a delicate dessert, a refreshing drink, or a hearty meal, our rose flavor essence will bring a touch of elegance and a burst of flavor that will transform your dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Try our Food Essence Flavours today and unleash the full potential of your culinary talents.



  • Product Name: Food Essence Flavours
  • Flavour Profile: Sweet Aroma
  • Add Scale: 0.16%-0.26%
  • Sample: FAree 20-50ml
  • Usage: Dilute Before Use
  • Storage: Cool And Dry Place
  • Keywords: Flavors of Culinary Extracts, Gourmet Flavor Enhancers

Technical Parameters:

Taste And Odour Coconut Flavor, Rose Flavor
Origin Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Application Food And Beverage Baking Candy Daily Industry
Type Natural & Synthetic Flavors, Savory Flavor Extracts, Lebensmittelgeschmacksgeschmack, Essence of Diet Flavors
Add Scale 0.16%-0.26%
Sample Free 20-50ml
Flavour Profile Sweet Aroma
Statue Liquid/Powder


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Kimchi Powder Flavor For EXW Food Essence Flavours 100% Pure Ingredients Natural And Artificial Flavourings 1


The BAISFU brand is renowned for its high-quality Food Essence Flavors , with the model number BSFFlavors1217 standing out in the market. Originating from China, these flavor essences are crafted to meet a variety of international standards, boasting certifications such as SC, KOSHER, HALAL, COA, MSDS, which affirm their global appeal and trustworthiness. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, BAISFU caters to all with a flexible Minimum Order Quantity starting from as little as 1KG and scaling up to 180KG, ensuring that there are no minimum order constraints to hinder your culinary ventures.

Priced competitively between 25-35 USD per kilogram, BAISFU's Savory Flavor Extracts offer an economical solution without compromising on quality. The Packaging Details are meticulously designed to preserve the integrity of the flavors, available in convenient sizes of 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25kg/drum, and 180kg barrel, which are perfect for various business needs. With an impressive Supply Ability of 20,000 kilograms per month, BAISFU ensures consistent availability to keep up with the high demand.

The Delivery Time is swift, with shipping commencing within 2-3 working days after payment is made, ensuring that your production schedules remain uninterrupted. Flexible Payment Terms such as T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Alibaba Pay, and LC facilitate a smooth transaction process tailored to your convenience. The flavors are designed to be stored in a Cool And Dry Place , which extends their shelf life and preserves their quality.

BAISFU's food flavors cover a broad spectrum, available in both Liquid and Powder form, catering to a diverse array of culinary applications. The Type of flavors include both natural and synthetic options, providing a vast choice for creating the Essence of Diet Flavors in a variety of products. The recommended Add Scale of 0.16%-0.26% is a testament to the potency of the flavors; a little goes a long way, ensuring that each purchase is an investment in long-lasting taste enhancement.

Ideal for use in a multitude of scenarios, BAISFU's Food Essence Extract Flavors are perfect for confectioneries, bakeries, beverage manufacturing, and a wide range of food processing industries. The flavors are versatile, elevating the taste of products ranging from snacks and sweets to beverages and savory dishes. With terms like FOB, EXW, CIF, and DAP available, BAISFU ensures that their products are accessible no matter where you are located, making it easier than ever to incorporate premium flavors into your product lineup.



Brand Name: BAISFU

Model Number: BSFFlavors1217

Place of Origin: China


Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG /5KG /25KG/180KG no MOQ

Price: 25-35usd/kg

Packaging Details: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25kg/drum, 180kg barrel

Delivery Time: Shipping 2-3 working days after payment

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Alibaba Pay/LC

Supply Ability: 20000 kilograms/month

Taste And Odour: Coconut Flavor

Origin: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Add Scale: 0.16%-0.26%

Type: Natural & Synthetic Flavors

Sample: Free 20-50ml

Discover our Nutritional Flavor Additions, perfect for enriching your culinary creations with the essence of deliciousness. Our Edible Essences for Flavoring, brought to you by BAISFU, are top-tier choices for food enthusiasts and professionals alike. Indulge in the rich, Savory Flavor Extracts designed to elevate your dishes to the next level. Experience the taste of quality with every drop.


Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for Food Essence Flavors are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive assistance for any technical queries or issues you may encounter. We strive to ensure that your experience with our flavors meets your expectations and that our products contribute to the success of your culinary creations.

Our services include guidance on flavor selection and application to match your desired taste profile, advice on proper storage and handling to maintain flavor integrity, and troubleshooting support in case of any discrepancies in flavor performance.

We also offer customized support for product development, helping you to innovate and create unique flavor experiences for your customers. Our team of flavor experts is available to assist with formulation adjustments and to provide insights into emerging flavor trends and regulatory compliance within the food industry.

For assistance with any technical aspects of our Food Essence Flavors, please refer to our product documentation, FAQs, and resource materials available on our website. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of support to ensure that our flavors enhance your products in the best possible way.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Our Food Essence Flavours are meticulously packaged in high-quality, food-grade bottles to ensure the preservation of their aromatic integrity. Each bottle is sealed with tamper-evident caps and further protected by a shrink sleeve, guaranteeing the safety and purity of the product. The labels on the bottles provide clear information about the contents, including the flavor, net weight, and batch number, along with usage instructions and expiration dates.


All orders of Food Essence Flavours are carefully packed in sturdy cardboard boxes with appropriate cushioning materials to prevent any damage during transit. The boxes are then sealed securely and labeled clearly with the necessary shipping information. We use reliable courier services to ensure that your order is delivered promptly and safely to your doorstep. Please note that shipping times may vary depending on your location and the current shipping volumes. Once dispatched, you will receive a tracking number to monitor your shipment's progress.



Q1: What is the brand name of the Food Essence Flavours?

A1: The brand name of the Food Essence Flavours is BAISFU.

Q2: Where is BAISFU's Food Essence Flavours manufactured?

A2: The place of origin for BAISFU's Food Essence Flavours is China.

Q3: What certifications do BAISFU Food Essence Flavours have?

A3: BAISFU Food Essence Flavours are certified with SC, KOSHER, HALAL, COA, and MSDS.

Q4: What are the packaging details for BAISFU Food Essence Flavours?

A4: The packaging details are as follows: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25kg/drum, 180kg barrel.

Q5: What are the payment terms for purchasing BAISFU Food Essence Flavours?

A5: The payment terms are T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Alibaba Pay/LC.