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Anthocyanidin Active Ingredients Dried Fruit Powder with Light Brown Powder Appearance

Anthocyanidin Active Ingredients Dried Fruit Powder with Light Brown Powder Appearance

  • Process
    Spray Dried
  • Latin Name
    Wild Black Currant Fruit.
  • Active Ingredients
  • Storage
    Store In A Cool, Dry Place
  • Material
    Fresh Coconut
  • Product Part
  • Specifications
  • Application
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number

Anthocyanidin Active Ingredients Dried Fruit Powder with Light Brown Powder Appearance

Product Description:

Introducing our premium Fruit Powder, a versatile and convenient solution for enhancing the flavor profile of a wide range of food and drink applications. Our Fruit Powder is specifically designed to cater to both professional chefs and food enthusiasts who are eager to infuse a burst of natural fruitiness into their creations without the hassle of handling fresh produce. With a potent concentration ratio of 10:1, this product promises to deliver intense flavor and aroma, encapsulated in a fine, white powder that blends seamlessly into your culinary masterpieces.

The Fruit Powder we offer is not just any ordinary fruit powder; it is a specialized Jelly Powder type. This means that it possesses unique properties that allow it to dissolve effortlessly into mixtures, creating a smooth, jelly-like consistency that is perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you're looking to craft delicious jellies, gummies, or thicken beverages to a desirable consistency, our Fruit Powder is the ideal choice.

As a Fruit Juice Powder, it stands out in its ability to impart the authentic taste of fresh coconut into your dishes and drinks. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to add a tropical twist to their menu. The white powder appearance ensures that it does not alter the color of the final product, maintaining the visual appeal of your creations. This feature is especially beneficial for applications where color consistency is crucial.

The versatility of our Fruit Powder extends to its applications in various kinds of food and drinks. It is perfectly suited for use in smoothies, shakes, and other beverages where a hint of fruit concentrate is desired. Moreover, it acts as a Fruit Concentrate Powder, enriching desserts, pastries, and confectionaries with its concentrated coconut flavor. Food manufacturers can leverage the powder to enhance the taste of cereal bars, yogurts, ice creams, and a myriad of other processed foods.

At the heart of our Fruit Powder lies the pure essence of fresh coconut. We take pride in using only the finest quality coconuts to produce a material that is as close to the real fruit as possible. The coconuts are carefully selected and processed to retain their natural flavors and nutrients, resulting in a product that is not only delicious but also wholesome. The commitment to using fresh, high-quality material ensures that our Fruit Powder stands out in the market for its superior taste and nutritional value.

Our Fruit Concentrate Powder is also extremely user-friendly, designed to dissolve quickly and integrate smoothly into any recipe. This ease of use means that it can be effortlessly incorporated into the production process of commercial food and beverage items, as well as in home cooking and baking. Its stable shelf life and convenient storage requirements make it a practical addition to any kitchen pantry or industrial ingredient inventory.

In summary, our Fruit Powder is a premium quality Jelly Powder that serves as an excellent Fruit Juice Powder and Fruit Concentrate Powder. It is designed for a wide range of applications in food and drinks, boasting a 10:1 concentration, pristine white powder appearance, and a foundation of fresh coconut material. Its ability to enhance flavor profiles without altering color makes it an indispensable ingredient for both commercial producers and home cooks looking to add a touch of tropical sophistication to their offerings. Experience the convenience, flavor, and quality of our Fruit Powder, and elevate your culinary creations to new heights.



  • Product Name: Fruit Powder
  • Spec: 4:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1
  • Application: Food, Drinks
  • Content: Dietary Fiber, Vitamins, Anthocyanidins
  • Material: Fresh Coconut
  • Latin Name: Wild Black Currant Fruit
  • Keywords:
    • Freeze Dried Fruit Powder
    • Fruit Granule Powder
    • Dehydrated Fruit Powder

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Material Fresh Coconut
Product Part Fruit
Odor Characteristic
Appearance White Powder
Application Food, Drinks
Spec 4:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1
Active Ingredients Anthocyanidin
Process Spray Dried
Appearance Light Brown Powder
Latin Name Wild Black Currant Fruit


The Fruit Powder made from the Wild Black Currant Fruit, in its spray-dried form, serves as a versatile ingredient suited to a variety of application occasions and scenarios. This Fruit Concentrate Powder, with its characteristic odor, captures the essence of fresh coconut, offering an authentic flavor experience in a convenient, powdered form.

As a Fruit Granule Powder, it is an ideal choice for the food and beverage industry, where it can be used to enhance the taste and nutritional profile of products. For instance, smoothie and juice bars can incorporate this powder into their offerings to create rich, flavorful drinks without compromising on health. The convenience of the powder form allows for quick and easy preparation, making it an excellent option for busy establishments that need to maintain a fast service pace.

Bakery and confectionery businesses can also benefit from the inclusion of the Fruit Infused Powder in their recipes. From cakes and pastries to candies and chocolates, the powder can be used to impart a unique black currant flavor, complementing the sweetness of desserts with its tangy undertones. Its fine texture ensures that it can blend seamlessly into doughs and batters, providing consistency in flavor and color.

Moreover, the Fruit Powder is also an ideal ingredient in the production of dietary supplements. Health-conscious consumers looking for natural and nutritious additions to their diet can use this fruit powder to fortify shakes, yogurts, and other health foods. Its concentrated form means that even a small amount is packed with the natural goodness of black currants, making it a potent source of vitamins and antioxidants.

In the realm of culinary arts, chefs can use this Fruit Concentrate Powder to create innovative sauces, glazes, and dressings. The rich color and intense flavor of Wild Black Currant can elevate dishes, adding depth and complexity to both sweet and savory creations. Its ability to dissolve well makes it a convenient ingredient for experimentation in molecular gastronomy as well.

Finally, the Fruit Powder is also suitable for personal use at home. Health enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike can utilize it to make homemade fruit teas, energy bars, or even as a natural food coloring agent. Its ease of storage and long shelf life ensures that the vibrant taste of black currants can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the season.



Explore the versatility of our Fruit Powder with our Product Customization Services. Tailor your order to perfectly suit your needs with options that highlight the natural essence and quality of our product. Our powder comes in a refined Appearance of pristine White Powder, ideal for a range of applications.

As a premium Type of Jelly Powder, it is expertly crafted from Material sourced from Fresh Coconut, ensuring a product that is both pure and authentic. The core Product Part used in our powder is the Fruit itself, guaranteeing a product rich in natural flavors and nutrients.

Whether you are looking to enhance your Food or Drinks, our Fruit Powder is versatile for a wide range of Application scenarios. Choose from our specialized formulations including Fruit Granule Powder , Fruit Concentrate Powder , and Fruit Juice Powder to elevate your products with a touch of natural sweetness and vibrant taste.


Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Fruit Powder product. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends to providing comprehensive technical support and services. If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding our product, our dedicated team is here to assist you.

Product Technical Support includes:

  • FAQs: A list of frequently asked questions to help you resolve common issues quickly.
  • Product Guides: Detailed instructions and guidelines for product usage, storage, and handling to ensure you get the most out of your Fruit Powder.
  • Maintenance Tips: Advice on how to maintain the quality and extend the shelf-life of the product.
  • Troubleshooting: Step-by-step assistance for identifying and solving potential problems.

Customer Services include:

  • Recipe Suggestions: A variety of creative ways to incorporate Fruit Powder into your diet.
  • Nutritional Information: Comprehensive details about the nutritional value and health benefits of our Fruit Powder.
  • Usage Recommendations: Expert advice on how to use Fruit Powder for optimal results in different applications.
  • Customer Feedback: We welcome your thoughts and suggestions to improve our products and services.

We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our Fruit Powder product. For further assistance, please refer to the product documentation or visit our online support center. Our knowledgeable staff is available to provide the help you need to enjoy our product to the fullest.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our Fruit Powder is carefully sealed in airtight, moisture-resistant packaging to ensure freshness and longevity. The package is designed to protect the integrity of the fruit powder, preventing exposure to light, air, and humidity. Each packet is clearly labeled with product information, ingredients, nutritional facts, and usage instructions to provide you with a premium experience.

Shipping: We take great care in shipping our Fruit Powder to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. The product is securely packed to avoid any movement during transit, reducing the risk of damage. We use reliable shipping services that provide tracking information so you can monitor the progress of your delivery. Please ensure that the shipping address provided is accurate to avoid any delays.